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Hail and Storm Damage For Greater Indianapolis

Hail and Storm Damage


When your Indianapolis area home has suffered from weather related thunderstorm, hail, wind, fire, ice, or flood damage, Energy Smart trained insurance specialists are there ready to assist you. Our storm damage consultants will:

  • Perform a complete inspection around your house, shed, patio/awnings, around your windows, eves, overhangs, gutters, downspouts, and any exterior structures that may have been damaged.
  • We document everything! When we meet with your insurance adjuster, we will show them what damage we found. If the adjuster agrees, we then discuss how much they will pay us to repair the damage as it is written in your insurance policy.
  • Sometimes the damage is noticeable, but hail damage may, or may not, reveal itself upon first glance. Sometimes you need to take a closer look

Insurance adjusters don’t always find subtle damage.

We do! In fact, 35% of our customers have had inspections done by other companies or asked us to help with insurance company re-inspections.

Now and then insurance adjusters will overlook or miss storm damage.

  • These situations are frustrating to many homeowners who have watched all their neighbors have their roof, siding, gutters, and more replaced
  • Some even have the same insurance companies
  • We document all damage before the insurance adjuster gets there. When he or she arrives, we simply make our presence known and prepare to compare notes
  • The insurance adjusters will take their own measurements which we compare with ours
  • It’s important to also document any steep slopes, dangerous work hazards, and unseen problems before the adjuster arrives because their time is limited and a professional pre-assessment goes a long way

We work on the homeowner’s behalf on contingency, and prepare an estimate of our own, then submit it directly to the insurance company.

  • If we don’t get an approval for the work, we don’t get the job. If we do, we do the work for the amount they approve.
  • You simply call your insurance company, have them send an adjuster out to meet us, and we’ll take it from there.

Remember, when a major storm hits, your neighborhood likely will be overrun by out-of-state “storm chasers” who hit town to quickly to make as much money as they can, before leaving to find the next storm. Energy Smart has built a reputation and we will be here long after the storm is over!

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New Windows Indianapolis

"My homes energy bill was very high year-round but still hot in the summer and very cold in the winter. I was very satisfied with Energy Smart Restoration. They were quick to return my call, schedule, inspect, diagnose, and install insulation in my attic. The result was almost immediate. The AC doesn’t run constantly and the temperature is much better regulated inside the house."

Khristian Sunga

Replacement Windows Zion, IN

"Great experience working with this company. Everyone I was in contact with was very professional & polite. The work was done quickly and exceeded my expectations. I was very impressed with how well everything was cleaned up. I was contacted a couple days after the work was complete making sure I was 100% satisfied. I would recommend to family & friends."

Chip Bartels

Roof Indianapolis

"Amazed at the punctuality of the crew. They arrived at 7 AM, were on the roof by 7:15 and were driving away by 1:00 PM. The guttering was scheduled to be done, the crew arrived on time, went right to work and completed the work in an appropriate amount of time. Because of a previous job the equipment they had was wrong for my house. They had a set up for a smaller size gutter so I received a larger size which was an upgrade. The painting was the last thing to be done. It was the minor part of the job. It was completed promptly with no issues."

Star S.

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